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In many computer repair operations, we need to go to our customers' office and clean up virus and/or Trojan because those virus/trojan make the computer slow and cannot go to the Internet. Why is a computer infected by virus ? In some cases, the user may click/open an attachment in the email from unknown sender. Some users visit some web sites that will send you an virus. Some users may open a file from a USB drive/CD/DVD which contains virus. If your computer gets virus, you may experience followings:

Although above incidents may be due to the hardware or software problem, the bottom line is that you must install effective Antivirus Software. If you have the above problems and cannot identify your computer got virus, please contact Computer Repair Centre at your earliest convenience to avoid any data loss. We are happy to help you.

How to prevent virus infection ?
We are sorry that no software can 100% protect your computer from virus. However, it does not mean that you will do nothing . We highly recomend that you can do the followings to lower the risk of virus infection as much as possible.

  1. Please update your windows frequently. Especially those "Security Update" patch must be installed as soon as possible. You can consider to enable the auto-update in Windows (the auto-update is in your control panel). You can also visit Microsoft Windows web site (Microsoft Updates) to update your windows
  2. Enable or install Firewall ( Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 has built in firewall, please make sure you enable it.)
  3. Please install effective antivirus software and make sure it can update virus definitions automatically and daily.
  4. Please don't open any attachment from anyone who is not supposed to send you attachment. Even the sender is your closed friend, her/his computer may get virus and send you the virus.
  5. Update Microsoft Office (you can visit Microsoft Office Update)。

What is Computer Virus
Computer Virus is actually a small software/script. It will affect the computer processes. Most computer virus can record, replicate, delete your data. It can also break your hardware. The virus can also be spread over the network and Internet, as a result, the network will be slowed down and even paralyzed. For example, CIH is a famous virus in 1998. 60 million computers were believed to be infected by the virus globally, resulting in an estimated $1 billion US dollars in commercial damages.

How does a virus work?
A virus is spreaded by a careless user. She/he may bring an infectd file and share with others. It may be shared through email and file sharing. Sometimes, a user may accidentally upload the virus to a web server. In other words, the virus was shared in the Internet world. Please note that some virus can replicate by themselves and infect other computers as much as possible.
There is another type of virus called Trojan Horse. It is always embedded into some "FREE" software or some well known open source software by hackers. They will let users to download the free software they made. After installation, the hackers can easily control your computer or know what web site you visit and what characters/key you typed. It is extremely dangerous because they may go to your ebanking account and draw your money out. Or, they control your computer to hack some government or institute web sites. In that case, you may bear legal liabilities !

Please note that following "Free" or "Antivirus" software are actually equipped with virus. Do not download and install !!

Additional Guard
Adio Registry Optimizer
Advanced Antivirus
Advanced Cleaner v1.0
Advanced Defender
Advanced Privacy Guard
Advanced Privacy Suite
Advanced Privacy Suite
Advanced Spyware Detector
Advanced XP Defender
Adware Eradicator
Adware Pro
Adware Remover
AKM Antivirus 2010 Pro
Alpha Antivirus
Andromeda AntiVirus
ANG Antivirus 09
Anti Malware Suite
Anti Virus Number-1
Anti-Spyware Guard
AntiMalware 2009
Antimalware Defender
AntiSpyStorm 2008
AntiSpyware 2008
Antispyware 2010
Antispyware 3000
Antispyware Guard
Antispyware Pro 2009
Antispyware Pro XP
Antispyware Protector
AntiSpyware Soft
Antispyware XP
AntiSpywareXP 2009
Antivir 2010
Antivir 64, Anvir 64
Antivirus 2008
Antivirus 2009
Antivirus 2009 Plus
Antivirus 2009 Protection
Antivirus 2010
Antivirus 2011
Antivirus 360
Antivirus 360
Antivirus 360 Scanner
Antivirus Agent Pro
Antivirus Doc
Antivirus Lab 2009
Antivirus Live
Antivirus PC 2009
Antivirus PC 2010
Antivirus Pro
Antivirus Pro 2009
Antivirus Security
Antivirus Security
Antivirus Security
Antivirus Soft
Antivirus Suite
Antivirus System Pro
Antivirus Vista 2010
Antivirus XP 2008
Antivirus XP 2008
Antivirus XP Pro
APC Protect
Astrum Antivirus Pro 3.6
AV Antispyware
AV2010 removal
AV360, Av 360, A360

Badware Protector
Barracuda Antivirus
ByteDefender Security 2010

Cleaner 2009
CleanUp Antivirus
Cleanup Tool
Content Cleaner
Control Center
Control Commander
Control Manager
CoreGuard Antivirus 2009
Crusader Antivirus
Cyber Security

Data Doctor 2010
Data Protection
Defense Lab
Desktop Protector 2010
Desktop Security 2010
Digital Protection
Dr. Guard

Eco Antivirus 2009
Error Clean
Error Doctor 2009
Error Repair Tool

Fast Antivirus 2009
FileFix Professional 2009

General Antivirus
Ghost Antivirus
Google Hijack Virus
Green Antivirus 2009

HackTool Rootkit
HDrive Sweeper

IE Security
IEAntivirus 3.2
Internet Antivirus
Internet Antivirus Pro 2009
Internet GameBox
Internet Security 2010
Internet Security Deluxe
IS 2010
iSafe Antivirus


L  (continued)
Live Enterprise Suite
Live PC Care
Malware Alarm
Malware Bot
Malware Catcher
Malware Defender 2009
Malware Defense
Malware Destructor
Malware Professional
Malware Protector 2008
Micro Antivirus 2009
MicroAV Security Center
MS Antispyware 2009
MS Antispyware 2009
MS Antivirus 2008
MSA (Antivirus) Security Center
MXH Antispyware
My PC Protector
My Security Engine
My Security Wall
My Supervisor
My Supervisor

Nano Antivirus
NetCom 3
No Malware

OS Protection
OSGuard Pro

Paladin Antivirus
PC AntiSpy
PC Cleaner Pro
PC Defender 2010
PC DocPro
PC Guardian 2010
PC Internet Security 2010
PC Live Guard
PC MightyMax
PC Privacy Cleaner
PC Privacy Defender
PC Protection Center
PC Protection Center 2008
Perfect Defender 2009
Perfect Defender 2009
Personal Antivirus
Personal Defender 2009
Personal Deluxe Guard
Personal Deluxe Protector
Personal Guard 2009
Personal Protector
Personal Security
Pest Sweeper 1.0
Privacy Center
Privacy Components
Privacy Control
Privacy Guard Pro 2
Privacy Protection Suite
Privacy Tools Pack
Pro Antispyware 2009
Pro Antispyware 2009
Protect Defender
Protection System


Rapid Antivirus 2.7
Real AntiSpyware
Reg Defender 2010
Registry Cleaner Pro
Registry Defender Platinum
Registry Doctor 2008
Registry Elite
Registry Fox
Renus 2008
Repair Registry Pro
RST Antivirus 2010

Safeguard 2009
Safety Antispyware
Search Guard Plus
Secret Service
Secure Antivirus Pro
Secure Expert Cleaner
Security Antivirus
Security Guard
Security Master AV
Security Tool
Smart Antivirus 2009
Smart Defender PRO
Smart HDD
Smart Security
SmitFraud Fix Tool
Software Protector
Spy DocPro
Spy Fighter
Spy Guard 2008
Spy Protection 2009
Spy Sheriff
SpyRomover Pro
Spyware and Privacy Control Center
Spyware Cleaner 2009
Spyware Destroyer
Spyware Detector
Spyware Fighter
Spyware Guard 2008
S  (continued)
Spyware Preventer
Spyware Protect 2009
Spyware Protection 2009
Spyware Protection 2009
Spyware Protection Plus
Swift Cleaner
SysAntivirus 2009
SysCleaner Pro
SysGuard 2010
System Adware Scanner 2010
System Antivirus 2008
System Booster 2009
System Guard 2009
System Guard 2009
System Guard Center
System Protector
System Security
System Tuner

Threat Nuker
Tiger Protector Plus
Total Defender
Total Secure 2009
Total Security
Total Security 2009
Total Virus Protection
Total Vista Security
Total XP Security
Trace Sweeper
Track Zapper

Ultimate Antivirus 2008
Ultimate SecuritySuite
Ultimate SecuritySuite
Ultra Antivir2009
Ultra Antivirus 2009
User Protection

Vaccine Free
Virus Alarm
Virus Cleaner
Virus Doctor Freeware
Virus Melt
Virus Protect Pro
Virus Protector 2008
Virus Remover 2008
Virus Remover 2009
Virus Remover Professional
Virus Shield 2009
Virus Sweeper
Virus Trigger
Vista Antispyware 2010
Vista AntiVirus 2008
Vista Defender
Vista Guardian 2010
Vista Internet Security 2010
Vista Malware 2010
Vista Security
Vitae AntiVirus 2008
VSCodec Pro

Win 7 Antispyware 2010
Win Antispyware 2008
Win Antispyware Center
Win Center
Win Cleaner 2009
Win Protector
Win Security 360
Win Spyware Protect
WinActive Antivirus
WinAntivirus 2009
Wind Optimizer
WinDefender 2008
Windows Antivirus Pro
Windows Atlas Antivirus
Windows Defender 2010
Windows Guardian
Windows Performance Center
Windows Police Pro
Windows Security Suite
WiniGuard or Wini Guard
WiniGuard Registration Code
WinPC Antivirus
WinPC Defender
WinWeb Security

XJR Anti virus
XL Guarder
XLG Privacy Control Center
XP Antimalware 2010
XP Antispyware 2009
XP Antispyware 2010
XP Antivirus 2008
XP Defender
XP Defender Pro
XP Deluxe Protector
XP Guard 2.1
XP Guardian
XP Internet Security 2010
XP Police Antivirus
XP Protector 2009
XP Security Center
XP Shield 2.1
XP Smart Security 2010
XP Virus Protection
XPert Antivirus Enterprise
Xpy Burner

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If you would like to have more information about virus & security, please visit our Virus & Security Warnings.
If you think that your computer has virus or trojan, please contact Computer Repair Centre.



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